There are 6 seasons – Vlog Episode 7

This week I talk about the 6 seasons of the Wurundjeri tribe, the original inhabitants of this land. I pick apples and make apple butter, we get our first small herd of cows, we experience varying weather events and you get to see just how empty our large dam is.

Links for more information:
Kulin Nation/Wurundjeri Seasons: http://www.herringisland.org/seasons.htm

Pyrocumulus: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flammagenitus_(cloud)

Apple butter recipe: https://bakingamoment.com/homemade-apple-butter/

Farm Views – Vlog Episode 6

This week I introduce you to my dog Wade. I show you a different view of the farm and compare it to a painting by my uncle he painted in 1974. I do all of the chores by myself and I re-open my Etsy store (with some vintage patterns).