How to care for your yarn

Caring for skeins

Your yarn will come to you in a hank or skein. It is best to keep it like this until you are ready to use it. Once ready to use your yarn wind it into a ball – the process of winding the yarn into a ball puts the yarn under different pressure, and can stretch and take the bounce out of your yarn if stored this way for too long.

Caring for your projects

Superwash wool can be washed in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, but to increase the life of your finished projects I recommend hand washing.

How to hand wash your woolens:

Fill your sink with slightly warm water, add a drop of gentle soap (or hair conditioner). Place the knitted item on top of the water and let it soak down until it is fully immersed – do not push it down or squeeze, as this can cause unnecessary agitation and felt or pill your project. Allow to soak to about 30mins. Remove the item from the water and let the water drain out (again to not squeeze). Lay out a towel, please item in the towel and gentle roll it up to absorb the water. Lay flat to dry, pinning out or pulling into shape if required.


Over time projects may develop pills. The best way to remove pills from a project is with an electric de-piller or lint remover. These gadgets “shave” the pills from the surface of the project.