4 Reasons to re-knit a pattern

What makes a pattern worthy of knitting more than once? Recently I looked over my completed projects and realised that there are quite a few things that I have made multiple times. This had me thinking, why? What makes these patterns or the finished object so knittable? Especially when there are so many more different patterns out there to choose from.

Here are my 4 reasons to re-knit a pattern…

  1. Functionality
    You find something that just works! The heel that fits your foot, the beanie that sits on your head just right or the scarf that’s the perfect balance between dressy and practical. When you know it is going to fit and be worn regularly you are more inclined to knit it. It makes more sense to grab that reliable pattern and make a version in a different colour than searching for a new pattern that may not be as good.
  2. Simple
    A project that requires minimal to no pattern reading, or something that is quite rhythmic. Simple will mean different things to different people or even to the same person over time. To me it is a good tv project, something to keep my busy hands but my brain can wander.
  3. Interesting or engaging in some way
    Sometimes we like to be tested and involved in our craft. Something with a special technique, colour changes or patterning. A lace edging that really pops, or cables and textures. Something that creates a challenge if one is required and also can provide motivation to progress to the next point in the pattern.
  4. The finished item
    Sometimes something is just beautiful or loved by family and friends. The perfect baby hat and booties or a shawl that everyone asks about when you wear it.

Then there are also some practical reasons; like already owning the pattern, having the right yarn in stash and needles ready to go. Are you interested in what I have made more than once? I have made a folder in my Ravelry pattern library if you would like to check them out.

4 Reasons to re-knit a pattern