Zero Food Waste – Vlog episode 9

This week I talk about zero food waste on the farm, and show you my sock knitting.

Links to things I talk about:

Study on Australian food waste:
Community composting:
My finished bed socks:
Fish Lips Kiss Heel pattern:
Zealana Cozi yarn:
Wangaratta Woolen Mills:

Vlog Episode 8 – 5000 Poppies

This week I give a quick farm update and then dive into showing you my knitting – which includes the jumper I wear in the episode, my current WIP and poppies for the 5000 Poppies Project.

Links to things I talk about:
– The Arleen Jumper I’m wearing:
– Quiet Stars:
– 5000 poppies: and the pattern I used is pattern D here:

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There are 6 seasons – Vlog Episode 7

This week I talk about the 6 seasons of the Wurundjeri tribe, the original inhabitants of this land. I pick apples and make apple butter, we get our first small herd of cows, we experience varying weather events and you get to see just how empty our large dam is.

Links for more information:
Kulin Nation/Wurundjeri Seasons:


Apple butter recipe:

Farm Views – Vlog Episode 6

This week I introduce you to my dog Wade. I show you a different view of the farm and compare it to a painting by my uncle he painted in 1974. I do all of the chores by myself and I re-open my Etsy store (with some vintage patterns).

Finding Community – Vlog Episode 5

In this episode I talk about finding my community – both locally and in farming as well as in business and online. I also show footage of a walk around the farm, give an update on the air guns from the winery, show off my new hair do and show my time at the Seymour Alternative Farming Expo and the Healesville Health Hub open day.

Other people/things I mention in this episode:
The Thriver Circle:
My hairdresser: @hair_fionanicole on instagram

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Vlog Episode 4

This week we use the old tractor to slash blackberries and clear undergrowth. We also cut down some dead trees, we get some rain, and you get to meet Nasi close up.

I spent some time dyeing yarn this week and also released my cowl neck poncho pattern.

Link to my cowl neck poncho pattern

Vlog Episode 3

In this episode of the Passioned Flower Vlog I chat about some of the things that I did not expect about living on the farm. I certainly did not anticipate that it could be so noisy or that I would be fixated on the weather. I also show off a knitting design I have been working on as well as a short collection of clips from the week on the farm, which includes the goats.

Pop-Up at Unwind Craft Cafe

For the past 2 months I have had the pleasure of having my yarn featured as a pop-up at the Unwind Craft Cafe in Keilor East, Melbourne.

The cafe is the perfect place to sit and knit or crochet, talk about projects with like minded people and enjoy amazing scones. The staff are so friendly, welcoming and open to chat.

The opportunity to work with these lovely people came about because a friend and I decided to meet there to sit and knit for the day. We got to talking, they liked the yarn I was knitting with (which happened to be my own hand dyed yarn) and before I had left the store that day I had all the information on their pop-up program.

As a small hand dyer, getting the opportunity to feature in a brick and mortar shop is a huge and exciting opportunity. Not only does it expose new customers to my business but it also gives me insights into what colours are popular and the potential projects that purchasers are interested in making.

It has been exciting to participate in their Sit & Stitch evenings and talk to crafters who are buying my yarn. I have helped to choose colours for projects, talk about things that I have made and encourage others try a new projects.

New Website

Hi everyone! I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes work lately, updating the website. I am very excited to unveil the new look. I hope you like it. I am working on adding a shop right here on the Passioned Flower website, and hoping to have that ready shortly. There may also be some different products added to the shop, so be sure to watch out for that.