Passioned Flower is my creative outlet. I hope to inspire others to pursue their own crafty passions.

About Me

My name is Ros, I live on our family farm in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia. I am exploring a new life of farming and creativity. I have launched a Vlog on YouTube to share what I am doing.

I have recently finished up in an office job that kept me very busy. I am now taking a break (from the corporate world), instead focusing on the things I enjoy and putting time into developing Passioned Flower.


1. I love purple and green and how they look together
2. I love passionfruit and the flower is an amazing and intricate beauty
3. I have a passion for all crafts, but especially for knitting
4. The origins of my name (Rosalyn) refer to beautiful rose (hence flower)
5. I want to inspire and provide fuel for the passion of other crafters through my yarns

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