Passioned Flower is my creative outlet. I hope to inspire others to pursue their own crafty passions.

About Me

My name is Ros, I live in a leafy outer suburb of Melbourne, Australia with my ultra-marathon running husband (Trail’n’Ales) and chi-terrier cross, Wade.

We live a relatively simple, quiet life. I have recently finished up in an office job that kept me very busy. I am now taking a break to focus on the things I enjoy, which include getting out in the garden, sitting on the couch knitting, my newest hobbie spinning or playing in the dye pots. Since a dear friend of mine lost her battle with cancer in 2014 I have had a real urge to be more creative, be at work less, spend more time with family and do things that make me truly happy.


1. I love purple and green and how they look together
2. I love passionfruit and the flower is an amazing and intricate beauty
3. I have a passion for all crafts, but especially for knitting
4. The origins of my name (Rosalyn) refer to beautiful rose (hence flower)
5. I want to inspire and provide fuel for the passion of other crafters through my yarns

Recently Finished Projects

Current Knitting Progress

  • Hip and Pop 10 October 2018
  • Lamina Wrap 9 October 2018

    I am knitting the garter ridges in different colours and all the lace panels in the same colour (reverse to the pattern).

  • Brioche Cowl 16 September 2018
  • Halifax 16 September 2018

    17/07/18 - realised that the target sleeve number was for the sleeve at splitting, not at the joining in the round point, already at arm stitch number and about to start the Armscye increases. I think I can continue to knit and it will work out, as up until the join I had not added in extra increases, but I squeezed a few additional increases in after joining the fronts. Going to try it on and then decide if I stop the sleeve increases or do a few more.

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