Tequila Sunrise

Knitting Through the Seasons

Living in the Southern Hemisphere is interesting when it comes to knitting inspiration. As the weather begins to get warmer here, and therefore more challenging to knit, the Ravelry “Hot Right Now” gets filled with beanies, mitts and pullovers. Eye candy that is often hard to resist, even though I won’t be needing any of that stuff until at least April next year! The past few days I have had a crazy urge to cast on the Pixelated Pullover. I…

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Clearview Restreat


About a month ago I went on a meditation retreat and I feel like it has made large positive changes to my life. For many years I have used my knitting as a form of relaxation and anxiety relief, this along with quiet afternoons in the garden were the tools I used to de-stress and find calm. They worked (to a point), while in the midst of pulling weeds or knitting on a sock I felt calm but it was…

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Raspberry Jam making

What does making mean to me?

A Playful Day is exploring The Maker’s Year with this very simple approach – “My creativity might not look like your creativity and that’s ok”. Exploring seasonality and giving yourself permission to take time for all creative outlets. Part of developing this thought is a blog challenge, asking others to explore what making means to them. I am passionate about having my time and space for creativity, so to think more deeply about what making actually means is an interesting…

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