Living in the Southern Hemisphere is interesting when it comes to knitting inspiration.

As the weather begins to get warmer here, and therefore more challenging to knit, the Ravelry “Hot Right Now” gets filled with beanies, mitts and pullovers. Eye candy that is often hard to resist, even though I won’t be needing any of that stuff until at least April next year!

The past few days I have had a crazy urge to cast on the Pixelated Pullover. I have wanted to knit this for quite some time, and started and frogged once already. My first attempt was coming out much too small (combination of wrong size and needle choice). So I put the yarn in time out, promising myself that I would come back to it. Now, as the days start to get longer and hotter, it may not be ideal sweater knitting weather, but the thought of getting a sweater knit and ready for next winter has huge appeal.

The same can be said for choosing a colour pallette. While I’m enjoying and being inspired by the vibrant colours of Spring, others are soaking up the more muted and dappled tones of Autumn. As a yarn dyer in Australia I am still working out how to balance my colour choices. I find inspiration from my daily life, so right now that is the bright colours of flowers and thoughts of long hot summer days. I am equally inspired when it is Autumn in Australia by the browns, oranges and purples. ┬áSo whether inspired by the current season, or wishing for the one on the other side of the world, I have developed and continue to add to a series of colours that span across the seasons to provide inspiration to all crafters no matter what part of the world or the time of the year.

poolside-cocktails-gumboot-sock-vertical fuchsia-trellis-dk-verticalisland-life-trellis-dk-vertical