It’s that time of year. When we reflect on the year just ending and start to plan and dream about the year ahead.

I am not one to make big new years resolution announcements, for a few reasons:

  1. My work schedule in January is not conducive to starting and maintaining any new habits
  2. By openly stating any new goals I feel like there is such a set up for failure – if there is any weak moments or divergence from the goal everyone knows and it is much harder mentally, for me anyway, to get back on track. I know for others this has the reverse effect and by announcing their resolutions to the world they get the motivation and accountability they need to succeed.
  3. A resolution made on 1 January may not be relevant days, weeks or months after. Life moves quickly and what seems important in the moment, may not be in the long term. I guess that is why a lot of new years resolutions are “eat healthier” or “exercise more” – these are general and will always be things that are required in order to live a happy and healthy life. I’m not saying that I won’t try to do either of these things, I’m just not sure that I need to make them a new years resolution.

What I like to do at this time, is look back on what I have achieved in the past year. We spend so much of our lives doing and being, that often the milestones and achievements pass us by without any thought or celebration.

2015 was a big year for me, especially in my craftiness:

My nine most liked Instagram posts of 2015
  • I started this blog in March and have fairly consistently posted entries.
  • I started dyeing yarn, experimented and found a true passion.
  • I opened my etsy shop. AND I have had sales. It’s one thing to open a shop and put my creations out into the world, but for other people to decide they want to spend their hard earned money on my yarn is an amazing feeling.
  • I knit a lot; including four shawls, a jumper, one soft toy, six beanies, two pairs of mitts (including the cupcake mittens), and at least 8 pairs of socks (I have been super lazy and have not entered my sock projects in to Ravelry).
Do I have things I want to do and achieve in 2016? YES – lots!!! I look forward to sharing my crafting progress and business growth with everyone.