After taking the time to review my stash in preparation for Bendigo (see previous post), I rediscovered some amazing yarn. Not forgotten, more like I had moved it to the back because I did not know what to do with it and felt that it was too special to knit with.

I found a simple shawl pattern on Ravelry; Reyna by Noora Laivola. I liked that it had garter and some lace sections, without being a complicated pattern. As I wanted the yarn to be the star.
During this dig into the stash, I also realised how many partial skeins I have. Leftovers from socks and shawls, but not enough to think of as scraps. So out came the scales and I weighed the portions that I had, sorting them into size piles as I went. The Moonraker Shawl, by Melanie Berg, seemed like the perfect way to incorporate a couple of my smaller skeins into a large project.
My small skeins are from two projects that I really enjoyed. They are a sparkly purple left over from my Low Tide Cardigan and a sparkly blue/grey from the My Hope shawl I made my sister for her wedding.