A quick post this week, as I prepare to head to Bendi this weekend.
The shopping list is prepared. I have added some tools to the list too; additional Chiagoo needle tips and the twist cables.
Travel plans are set. I am driving to a friends on Friday afternoon to catch up, craft and have some wines. Saturday we are driving to Bendigo together, then back to her house to “play” with our purchases.
Final thing to sort out, I think is the toughest – what am I going to wear!?!?
I have three suitably warm knit tops. MirandaCharleston Tea and Tric. Yarns for all three of these projects were purchased from previous Bendigo trips. They are all comfortable and I’m really pleased with them and proud to show them off. So I am thinking I may pack all three and decide on the day.
The hardest part to choose is the rest of the outfit and knit accessories. Victoria has been experiencing an extremely wet and cold winter, and Bendigo has a reputation for being extremely cold. Gloves, scarf, beanie etc will be essential. But how much knit is too much knit?? Is there such a thing? Also need to keep in mind that I will probably also need a coat (which then covers up all the knitting) and I think gumboots will be the footwear of choice (with hand knit socks of course). My blanket box is full of choices, will be hard to decide. I may end up taking a lot of this with me!!

How do I choose what to wear from so many knitted accessories??