It’s dark and it’s cold! You would think the perfect time for knitting. But I am making slow progress. A couple of reasons come to mind; my hands are cold at home, so I find it hard to knit, but the more prominent reason is that I want to knit all the things. Distracted by thoughts of the up-coming Bendigo Sheep and Wool Festival next weekend.

So what has been taking up what should be knitting time? Knit planning!!

I know that I want to knit more sweaters and multicoloured shawls. At the moment whenever I look on Ravelry, these are what I am drawn towards.

I am really enjoying wearing my current selection of coloured shawls as they are great fashion pieces and practical for keeping warm in cool air-conditioned offices. And as far as garments are concerned I feel that I have only just begun to get into this part of knitting and want to expand my wardrobe for more occasions and weather.

My library, queue and favourites are already filled with projects that I have added over time. I have been going through each of these areas as a starting point for new projects, especially from my library. It is amazing how many patterns are in my library that I have not yet knit, I purchased them because I liked them and intended to knit them but they have been left unloved and unknit. I am not the world’s fastest knitter, so this will not be rectified in the short term, but at least I have reminded myself that when I have an urge to cast something on I should check my library first.

So what stands out to me now?

I also want to knit multi-coloured shawls and have a collection of them in my library (mostly by Melanie Berg).

I have looked at my stash, and I have potential yarns for coloured shawls, lots of single sock skeins, but nothing in stash for the sweaters. It is interesting to reflect and review the stash. I will take a deeper look at stash in another post in the coming weeks (maybe after I have added to it at Bendigo and need to do a proper update/audit of everything!).

My lists are almost complete. I have made notes on yardage and yarn types for these projects and also have in mind a rough idea of colours. But once I am in the midst of all that yarn I know I will get carried away and probably come home with some skeins that are pretty rather than practical. That is, of course, all part of the fun.