This is the quickest sweater I have ever knit! I just checked my Ravelry page and I shocked myself. I started it on March 10 and finished the knitting on 19 April. I did however swatch for this project about a year ago, so in a way it has still been a long time coming.

Here is a breakdown of the project:

Pattern: Miranda by Josée Paquin

Needles: US 6 (4mm) and US 8 (5mm)
Yarn: Bennett & Gregor Wirraworra – 494 grams
Colourway: Wattlebark – (Brown)
Purchased at: Bendigo Sheep & Wool Festival 2013

With weaving in the ends (not that there were many as I used one giant ball) and blocking it was officially completed on 25 April.


  • added 7 stitches at the underarm and then decreased back over the following 2 rows – I always find that there is a large gap if no stitches are added at the underarm and better to knit the fix into the garment than have to sew up a hole at the end
  • I missed a small section of the pattern that asked to knit 4 rows without increases before putting the sleeve stitches on holders. Instead I added the 4 rows without shaping directly below the arm holes. The fit does not seem to be impacted by this 


  • The pattern was very wordy, which made it more difficult to follow (and hence why I missed the section mentioned above).
  • For each section/row I wrote out the number of the pattern repeat row and marked out where the increases would fall. Then as I knit each row I crossed off the pattern row number, to keep track of the middle panel.
  • When it came to increasing the front panel I felt the instructions were not 100% clear. The edges may not have worked out perfectly, I just made sure that I read my knitting and followed the pattern as already established as much as possible.
  • I used almost all of the 494grams. I knit all of the giant ball and then knit directly from my swatch to finish the second sleeve. I had knit two swatches, one flat and one in the round – if I had only knit one swatch I would have had enough to finish the sweater.
The weather is starting to get cold, so looking forward to an opportunity to wear it. I will try to get an “out in the wild” picture soon, and will post it to instagram.