Until last week I had only heard of minecraft, but had no idea at all what is was.

Now I know what the “face” of a creeper looks like and I have charted out how to knit it (those with any minecraft knowledge will know it’s not a tricky face).

My nephew is currently obsessed with this game. He also understands that I knit and he was not at all timid in asking if I could knit him a creeper toy. And of course, when he asks me so nicely and appreciates the knitted toy there is not a chance in the world that I would say no to him.

The challenge here was that I found a picture of a knitted version, but no complete pattern to follow. Luckily it is not a complicated shape and I was able to play around to get something that looked similar to images of the creeper.

To make it stand up I inserted a thin cylinder of cardboard (made from a toilet roll) inside the body when I stuffed it, then messed around with different legs until I figured out a version that was able to support the rest of the toy.